So, You Want to Start a Podcast
Podcasts can be a great medium for getting your ideas and messages out into the world. If you’re interested in trying but are unsure where to start, here’s info that may be helpful!

One good place to start, of course, is listening to…

I describe myself as the Queen of Fellowships because I have done so many in the past few years. All of them have been special and instrumental in helping me grow personally and professionally. Each fellowship has been different and has filled a need at that point in time.


We recently celebrated the 72nd anniversary of our Republic Day when the Constitution came into being. On the day I reflected on how lucky I was to be born in a democratic country, India where I am guaranteed equal rights as a woman.

However, that feeling was short-lived as I…

Socially just transition towards sustainable development: the role of digital technologies on social development and well-being of all”.

The theme of the 59th Commission for Social Development in 2021 is extremely relevant and important and I would like to highlight that it must ensure that all people — women and…

Taken in Sigtuna, Sweden in 2015

The first question everybody asks me nowadays is, “Where are you Elsa?”

Not surprising, because if you know me, you are aware of my hectic travel schedule. …

credit — Your Story

Last week during the International Women’s Forum World Leadership Conference in Toronto, I shared a lunch table with a 2018 Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry, Dr Frances Arnold. The room was full of accomplished women like her — Olympic athletes, Nobel Prize winners, astronauts, medical geniuses, CEOs.

Safecity collaborated with OMDENA on an AI challenge. Here’s what we learned and why is it important.

This past week I spoke with a group of students at the University of District of Columbia about crowd mapping sexual violence in public spaces. . I explained to them how the anonymous…


Contradiction of sorts — dreamer and doer, introvert yet extrovert, grounded whilst always flying. Feminist. Know more;

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