Apr 20, 2019

4 min read

Former Jet Airways Safety Instructor reflects on airline’s rise and fall

Just like that, the two decades I spent in aviation disappears. Jet Airways ceased operations a few days ago. Between Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines, two of India’s best airlines, I had a superb career spanning across various functions. Here’s me turning back time.

I still remember when I walked in as a 19 year old for the interview as a cabin crew just after Christmas of 1993. I was shy, introverted and totally unsure of myself. Waiting to be called, we were asked if all of us had valid passports and those that didn’t have it could leave. Since I had mine, I stayed. It would take Jet ten years to fly international.

  • Jet Airways Crisis: Employees have been protesting about not getting paid and now losing their jobs suddenly
  • Government has assured that other airlines will offer them jobs and absorb them
  • Jet Airways was forced to shut down operations as it ran out of funds, and banks refused to lend

My heart goes out to my ex-colleagues, many of them are friends and family to me. I feel your pain — Elsa