Living in a feminine era

6 min readApr 28, 2019
At the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards 2019 with Hillary Clinton. All photos credit to Vital Voices Global Partnership. Photos taken by Paul Morigi (Paul Morigi Photography) and Kaz Sasahara (Lancer Photography).

I am still on a high from last week where I attended several events associated with Vital Voices’ annual Global Leadership Awards. As a past honouree in 2017, I know the feeling of being supported, appreciated and loved by the network embodying sisterhood.

Alyse Nelson, the President and CEO of Vital Voices shared a remarkable story at one of the luncheons, amidst 37 women leaders and entrepreneurs from 17 countries who…


Contradiction of sorts — dreamer and doer, introvert yet extrovert, grounded whilst always flying. Feminist. Know more;